Skylanders Swap-force week 1

(Sorry that I haven’t been making any at all, I’ve been working on other posts. Also it might be long so hold on till the end if you can)

Hello. I’m here (and you are too) to read the weekly skylanders swap-force blog posts. Today I’m going to tell you a  trick I know. The trick I know is how to get money fast. You first have to get a battle pack with a diamond in it. It gives you a money boost for a short amount of time. If you unlocked woodborow (how however you spell it) go to the training dummies. if you hit them enough they will drop coins. Use the diamond on the training dummy and you will get a lot of money. See you next week and I will tell you another trick. Thanks for reading this post. If you want me to show you favorite trick let me know in the comments and I will pick the best one.

O.B.Q (Open Blog Quiz)

Photo Credit: Alberto G. via Compfight

Today I have some blog questions for you to answer.

#1: after you put my picture together what is the name of the park?

#2: what is the biggest name on my leadership post?

#3: what is one equation on my 1,000 visitors post?

#4: what is Alex’s pet’s name?

#5: what is Orlando’s park named?

#6: How many visitors dose Chamberlin have?

#7: what are 3 geometrical terms in Halle’s I SPY geometry post?

Those are all of my questions. DO NOT look at the comments. (sorry that I didn’t put this at the top)

1…2…3 Comment

Last week we did a 1.2.3. It is a fun blogging game witch involves a class blog. First you go on a blog. Second you find a blog on his/her’s  blog and go on that blog. Last you find a blog on that blog and comment on the third blog. That’s how you play 1.2.3


A leader is a person who is brave enough to do something that a person wouldn’t do.

Samual Adams is a great leader because he was brave enough to dump crates of tea into the ocean.

The reason why I did this is because my class was writing down who we wanted to follow.

Do you have anyone you would follow? Comment on this post to let me know.


Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday I bought a new Skylanders swap-force character Magna charge. On Sunday I got two water guns in my Easter Basket. After I got to play with them I got to play Frisbee with my dad. It was a good day. Do you have anything to say about your Easter? Leave a comment to let me know.